As communicated towards our users since April 2022, our mobile app named "Shippeo for Drivers" (V1) has now been removed from the Apple Store. The end of service is planned for the beginning of January 2023 for both iOS and Android.


It means that the app V1 will no longer be available on iOS and Android devices. And no support will be provided for the concerned users.


The objective is to invite the users installing our latest Android mobile application named "Shippeo Driver" (V2) and enjoying all the new functionalities.


How to install the new Shippeo's application on my Android device?

You can follow the step-by-step article to install and use the new Shippeo's application on your Android device: 

Shippeo Driver application - Functional documentation


Quick glimpse at the content:

  1. How to download the application?
  2. Mobile account creation
  3. Dashboard in details
  4. Add a new tour from the application


How can I use the new app on my iOS device?

Unfortunately, there is currently no iOS version of our latest mobile application.

Our objective is to develop the iOS version based on a stabilized and mass-adopted Android version.




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