Having greater visibility into transportation operations allows shippers to anticipate problems quickly and manage exceptions efficiently, improving the quality of service for end customers and generating significant financial gains.


Here at Shippeo, we offer several visibility modules to help shippers gain greater visibility into their supply chain transport processes.


Shipper Visibility

Anticipate delays with our best-in-market proprietary ETA algorithm.

Shippeo’s proprietary ETA algorithm uses machine learning for exceptional accuracy and allows you to quickly anticipate problems across road, rail, ocean, barge, and air flows. Predictions help you efficiently manage exceptions and mitigate their impact.


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Customer Visibility

Communicate to all parties via a white-labeled portal and notifications.

Shippeo helps you improve customer satisfaction and optimize team collaboration by letting your internal users and customers know the real-time status and predictive ETA of their deliveries well in advance.


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Ocean Visibility

Get real-time visibility for all ocean container shipments.

Shippeo dynamically gathers every container event milestone and every ETA associated with every one of your ocean shipments and surfaces them on the platform of your choice, helping to reduce manual tasks, improve customer experience and communication, and improve operational and financial performance using high-quality data and insights for your ocean transport. 


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Carbon Visibility

Measure your CO2 emissions accurately across all upstream and downstream transport and distribution activities.

Our accurate, automated, and granular solution saves considerable time and effort when calculating your carbon emissions. View all CO2 emissions in one place without consolidating reports from carriers manually. Objectively compare carrier performance, leverage more granular emissions data to create robust CO2 reduction plans, and monitor emissions levels and patterns to see how they change over time.


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Paperless Visibility

Collaborate on your deliveries with digital visibility tools for drivers.

Instantly extend your real-time tracking network and eliminate visibility gaps caused by trucks without telematics by providing drivers with Shippeo’s mobile app. Use the barcode scanner for more granular parcel and LTL groupage tracking.


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Shippeo Insights

Improve operations using intelligent dashboards and reporting.

Monitor tracking rates, data quality, adherence, and usage across all supply chain transportation, automatically calculating performance KPIs such as volumes, punctuality, average delays, and dwell times. Create scorecards per carrier, supplier, or site, analyze tracking rate problems and root causes with our Smart Tracking AnalyzerTM, and export insights data to conduct historical analysis and forecasting.

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