Our Onboarding Automation Center (OAC)

Our Onboarding Automation Center was designed to help carriers easily onboard onto Shippeo. It will guide you through setting up your account correctly, uploading your fleet, and setting up your connection preference. 


Additionally, it will provide you with all of the essential information you need to start using the platform, with step-by-step tutorials.


Access the OAC.

To access:

  1. Go to the Onboarding Automation Center (OAC).
  2. Register your Onboarding Code.
    • The onboarding code should have been sent to you by your client.
  3. Click on "Continue".



Can't find your code?

If you can't find your code, click "I can't find my code →" and fill out the form. A new code will be generated and sent to you within the next business day.


Start onboarding

Once you log in, you will begin your onboarding process. Please follow the instructions and be sure to fill out the forms correctly. 

If you have any questions during your onboarding, don't hesitate to contact your Carrier Network.

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