In addition to shippers, Shippeo brings many benefits to carriers as well.


The Value of Shippeo

The real-time visibility Shippeo provides ensures that both parties can access the latest status information on their orders, such as shipment location and ETA, for example. This makes communication between you and your client more streamlined and collaboration easier.

More valuable Communication and Information Sharing



Easy Order follow-up


Shippeo's goal is to make order follow-up as easy as possible. We make it easier to stay on top of things in a number of ways; even when you have more than one customer, you will find all your orders in one portal, giving you a holistic view of daily operations.


Shippeo makes connecting to our platform as easy as possible, providing three different integration options: via TMS, telematics, and our mobile app.


In addition, you will have a dedicated Carrier Network representative to support you with onboarding and access to our Support Team for ongoing support.


Easy connecting and onboarding



Our Shippeo promise

We’ve designed our solution and approach in a way that addresses the concerns that some carriers have around real-time shipment tracking. :

  • Connecting your resources to Shippeo does not mean that Shippeo tracks your trucks all the time. We only track a resource during the time frame linked to an order.
  • Your client cannot see which type of vehicle is connected to an order. They can only see that a resource has been connected.
  • If you are sub chartering orders to other carriers, Shippeo does not share this information with your client. Only you can see to whom you are subcontracting the order. At the same time, your subcontractor cannot see the order’s original client. Only you have access to the complete information, keeping things on a ‘need to know’ basis.
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