What is it?

Shippeo’s ‘Voice of Carriers’ program has been created based on a simple observation: there are no greater solutions than the ones built alongside its users, hand in hand with them, leveraging constructive feedback, and sharing a common will to make things better.


This helps us create real value for carriers, in the spirit of partnership and collaboration.


Based on this approach, Shippeo’s initiative aims to create a community where transport experts and carriers can work with the team at Shippeo, to improve their understanding of carriers’ needs.


Shippeo works with a core group of carriers on solution improvements to improve their daily usage of Shippeo, make us aware of any solution gaps, and help us to better understand a carrier’s perspective.


How does it work?

Carriers meet with our product team twice a year. During this time, carriers can discuss any concerns or needs. Our goal is to collect as much information as possible to help shape Shippeo's future.


Shippeo Voice of Carriers is made for you, so you decide when a topic interests you and you would like to participate! 

Being part of VOC Community, we need our carrier network participation.


But that’s not all!

Additionally, carriers will have access to the following benefits:

  • The ability to attend 2 Shippeo webinars during the year to discover the latest Market Insights.
  • An invitation to Shippeo’s Visibility Now conference, attended by our top global customers, taking place in November each year in Paris.
  • The opportunity to participate in our special awards celebration for the most active Voice of Carriers members.
  • The ability to discover exclusive pre-announcements of significant platform changes.


Want to join?

If you are a carrier and wish to be part of the Voice of Carriers program, don't hesitate to contact your carrier network.


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