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Can I create groups based on disponent responsible for trucks or loading place or ...? I do not want to see all orders which are not "my" or to get notification of all trucks.

Notifications will have new setting options during this year. Today, however, you can not set up notifications for a specific group of trucks of customers.


Good morning. We use literally hundreds of subcontractors: is there a way we can bulk invite them by uploading something like an Excel file with the company name, VAT, and contact e-mail? And, of course, is there then a way to retrieve via API if they accepted our invitation, as we would need to mirror this in our TMS... Cheers.

In the situation where you are working with numerous subcontractors, we can set up bulk invitations through the OAC. Please contact the CAM who has onboarded you on the platform and we will be happy to help you with the process.


Hello, so in order to have the status updates from the truck GPS, do we need to have all our truck companies onboarding? That is the only way? Thank you

Hello, there is no obligation when it comes to the number of trucks. However, if you don't work with a dedicated fleet for your customer using Shippeo, this is better to have all your trucks/trailers added to the platform to enable a relevant pairing action, being able to find your trucks.


Will it be possible to get some kind of Shippeo manual for my operation team?, Thanks

Of course, at the end of the onboarding, you will receive a PDF and a link to the Helpcenter articles to help you with the training of your teams! Also, short videos are coming!


What to do when I receive lately my orders on Shippeo?

Even if the order already started, you can still confirm manually the loading or add the truck at any moment if the order is not closed, or finished. You can pair the truck and we will track it till the delivery site departure.


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How do you manage the allocation of resources within the framework of messaging flows (grouping)?

When it comes to Groupage, and according to what can be agreed with your customer, you can delay the pairing in order for your customer to be able to see on the map only the last segment of the delivery. However, by doing so, you will prevent your customer from receiving an ETA, which can cause greater issues.

Shippeo's goal for your customer is to have an ETA and to be able to act in case of a severe delay, to have a more agile supply chain. If this delayed pairing is not the solution, we can discuss more options together.


With which TMS do you have existing interfaces?

We have on the platform (https://www.shippeo.com/solutions/carrier-onboarding) some TMS providers indicated, however, you can contact your Carrier Account Manager to have more details. We will be happy to give you more details.


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Our TMS is/will be programmed via an interface in such a way that our TMS communicates with Shippeo, i.e. the tour data is automatically sent to Shippeo and thus also the number plates, so I assume that I do not have to select/allocate anything manually on the Shippeo platform, correct?

Yes indeed, no action is needed on your side then.
You can always connect to Shippeo to monitor your tracking quality.


How can I subscribe to the quality newsletter?

See with customer


How to access the OAC

If you want to have access to the Shippeo OAC to invite your subcontractors, you can reach out to your Shippeo contact to have your account created


Do I have to request evaluations manually or can they be sent to my e-mail address automatically at regular intervals via Insights with a stored filter? (Number of tracked tours per period)

Quality newsletter to come
push your customer to adopt them


Currently, we work 60% in the spot market, which means with about 200 different carriers a month. How do I proceed here?
Pairing every order here is difficult in terms of effort.

You can use our V2 application (paperless visibility) for this purpose. We recommend setting the use of the app as a prerequisite. The spot carrier can download the app on their smartphone, create a user directly, and with the tour reference, they can then assign the tour directly to themself (self-paring).


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Is the list of subcontractors visible to the client? but for shippeo?

No, Shippeo always protects N-1 level information confidentiality. Your customer only has visibility on your company name, never about your subcontractor information.


Also related to subcontractors, referring to Shippeo directly. What details does shippeo have access to? And more importantly, what does Shippeo do with this information?

Shippeo has only access to GPS information from the trucks/trailers. This data can be received only IF there is an ongoing order (1h before PLanned loading time till detection going out the delivery site), and IF the truck is paired. Without pairing or order, no data shared.

This data is used to enable Shippeo to calculate an ETA for the truck arrival


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Is it possible to attach documents at once to all orders (TOs) if we have one LOAD number and one set of documents assigned to them?

Today manually, this is possible on the platform to add several documents at once by adding them. However, we need to add one or several documents per TO, you can not today attach the documents to a TOUR reference, need to be per TO granularity. If you are connected with TMS, please contact us, we will discuss it more in detail :)


Is it possible to assign 2 routes to one resource?

Yes, One truck can be paired to several Transport orders, we can show it to you right now


Can the EDI-TMS reference number be edited?



Do I have control over the mail notification subject?

(If about OAC automatic email invitation), yes and they can send themselves the mail and include in it the Onboarding code


From the API level, do I also have to work an hour before loading?

We can receive pairing when you want, it is the tracking that starts 1h before loading :)


"What if the cars are not equipped with GPS?
with a telematics device"

App or manual mode


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