Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

ETA stands for "Estimated Time of Arrival." It provides an estimated time for a resource to arrive at its destination, based on data collected from various sources. 


Shippeo's ETA

Shippeo’s AI/ML ETA algorithms are one of Shippeo's main features. By collecting vast amounts of high-quality data and using sophisticated data cleaning and transformation techniques, Shippeo’s ETA calculation ensures a high degree of accuracy and reliability. 

More than 200 data parameters are taken into account by Shippeo's ETA calculation, including a driver’s past activity, the itinerary, the positions, the remaining distance and time, and much more.

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Shieppeo's and External ETA

In addition to the ETA that  Shippeo calculates, externally-sourced ETAs (from other platforms or systems) can also be integrated via EDI and used in the platform. When doing so, Shippeo displays both ETAs in your order overview, order details, tour overview, and global map pages. 

Shippeo prioritizes showing the external ETA on the order overview and in the order details view. However, you can see both ETAs when you hover over them. Shippeo's ETA will be displayed when an external ETA is unavailable.



External ETA

An external ETA is the estimated arrival time that a carrier computes and shares with us via EDI for a loading or delivery stop, based on factors known to the carrier. When entering an external ETA, the carrier doesn't need to give a specific reason for a delay or early arrival estimate.


An external ETA is not related to the ETA calculated by Shippeo.


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