Is the system available exclusively in English or French? Not at all! To cater to our diverse user base worldwide, our system currently provides support in nine different languages:

💡 Current languages available:

English French Polish
Italian Spanish German
Romanian Portuguese Dutch


How to change the language in the Help Center: 

To change the language, click on the "globe" icon located in the upper-right corner of the article. This will trigger a pop-up window displaying all the available languages.


Changing language settings on the Shippeo Platform:

If you wish to modify your default language, navigate to the 'Preferences' section located in the upper-right corner of the Shippeo platform:

Next, access the 'Display Preferences' section and select your desired language from the 'Language and Region' options:

Feel free to check out our other articles in the Help Center for more information and helpful tips!

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