What is an ePOD?

​​It is the electronic version of the Proof of Delivery. It proves the delivery's conformity and acts as a receipt that confirms that the delivery has been made.

In the case of a litigate on transport, this document will be the only "reference" used to determine responsibilities from a legal point of view. It also serves for the payment of a transport mission by a sender to a carrier.

The information included in an e-POD document is very similar to the one in an e-CMR document.


How does it work?

Drivers will have access to the digitalized version of the POD (ePOD) inside the mobile app. A new page will be added in which the ePOD associated with a tour will be displayed (ePOD of past tours will also be available). 

The ePOD document is created for any organization with the corresponding feature enabled, and it means that the carriers will have this ePOD button enabled on their device.

On the mobile application, the driver will see the document's content in a responsive way or download the PDF. The document, once created, will also be made available on the web.


What is displayed on the ePOD PDF?



Click here if you want to know how to create/update the ePOD.

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