This article is dedicated to :

  • New carrier wishing to connect to Shippeo
  • Existing carrier wishing to connect for a new customer
  • Existing carrier wishing to update the mode of tracking (Telematics, Mobile, TMS) 

For your information : The Onboarding Automation Center (OAC) is translated into 10 different languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and Portuguese)


Step 1: Access the connection portal

You just received an invitation e-mail from your customer or from Shippeo containing your activation code (unique for each onboarding).

Please click on the link : 


If you are already working with Shippeo , the system will recognize your company and the message below will appear:


Shippeo Carrier Account Manager (CAM) will contact you to onboard you, you have nothing else to do by yourself.


Otherwise, if the system didn't recognize your company, then you have to fill some information as shown below : 

    • Enter your onboarding code which is contained in the email
    • Click on "Continue." You will now access our OAC and start with your onboarding.



You did not receive a code?

If you do not have your code, click on "I can't find my code →" and fill out the form, then click on "get my code". A new code will be generated and sent to you within the next business day.




Step 2: Initialize onboarding

Account Setup

Once you log in with your CC code, you need to provide information about: 

  1. Your organization: 


If your  Identification number (VAT) is already known in our system, you will be redirected to a new page, and you will be contacted by a CAM, you have nothing else to do by yourself.

2. Then fill in the information about your fleet and subcontractors

3. To finalize this step, fill in your user basic information

If your email address and your phone number are already known in our system, you will be redirected to a new page, and you will be contacted by a CAM you have nothing else to do by yourself.

4. Then, you will need to click on "connect to Shippeo" to continue your onboarding. 



If you have any questions during your onboarding, don't hesitate to contact 


Step 3: Qualify onboarding

You have received an email with your credentials from 
      1. Log in to the Shippeo platform
      2. To access the Onboarding center from the Shippeo platform,
        • Click on your initials (at the top right)
        • Then click on “Onboarding Center”



Onboarding Center

Choose and configure your connection on the Shippeo Platform:

Type of connection: 


You can choose from Telematics, Mobile App, or EDI solutions: 

  • If you choose the Mobile App, click on "I don't have a telematics system"
    • You will be able to create autonomously your mobile resources and finish your onboarding
  • If you choose the EDI connection, process will finish and a CAM will contact you. 
  • If you choose Telematics connection, please follow the steps below.

Configure my telematics provider : 

  • Make sure you have the correct API credentials. We recommend requesting them directly from your telematics provider.
  • Add resources manually or in bulk. Please, read these 2 articles : Manually and in bulk

Shippeo will check the connection. If we receive positions, you are set up and ready to receive transport orders from your Client!


Your telematic provider does not appear on the list?

If your telematics provider does not appear on the list, select "Not in the list," enter the name and email of your telematics provider, and click on "Save." 

It will generate an email that will automatically be sent to your provider from you.




Are you working with subcontractors only?

Your onboarding will finish after completing your account setup. You are already ready to update the order statuses on the platform manually.


For further information regarding your subcontractors onboarding, please read the article about Inviting a new carrier/subcontractor on the OAC




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