All the following items have been released on Wednesday the 31st of May evening.

The relevant Help Center articles have been updated accordingly. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.


User experience enhancements

Public link customization

Thanks to the Public Link theme you can now define the topbar logo alignment:

image__36_.png.       image__37_.png

Road features


Shippeo accepts mobile app manual actions after loading time has ended 

On different occasions, drivers were prevented to declare manually that they executed the loading due to settings on the SAE. Drivers will now be able to declare manual actions after loading time has ended such as :

  • Order not Completed
  • Delivery not realized

Bug fixes

Displaying the right number of attachments 

Any attachment from the mobile app that is not on the default folder (signatures, ePOD document) was not considered on the number that indicates how many attachments there are on an order. This fix will aim to solve this bug.


Drivers are now able to log in by telephone if an account is created via web 

Accounts created from the web platform can now connect to the mobile app with no issues.


Customer Portals - The issue with the collaborator's visibility, when the order stop is changed, has been fixed

This issue happened for customer portals with visibility rules based on the place.

When an order is created with delivery at site A and then modified for delivery at site B, the visibility rule remains on site A and vice versa.
It is now fixed.


External ETA button is only displayed when relevant

Fixing a behavior where the button "add external ETA button" was available when not supposed to (for canceled orders).


Ocean features


Better track the right container journey when no MBL

We highly recommend you send the MBL reference. However, some of our customers only sends the container reference but not the MBL in the orders-in. As a result, we might track the wrong container journey (previous journey or next journey).


How to avoid tracking the wrong container journey if you don't know the MBL?

We will rely on the UNLOCODE you sent into the order_in message


Bug fixes

Incorrect status no longer displayed 

The status displayed was not always consistent with the last milestone displayed on the timeline:


This is now fixed.


The planned date displayed in the pop-over was not always correct when compared to what was selected in the settings for calculating the delay 

When a setting is based on First Ocean Carrier Estimate then the ETA popover displays the planned date from Orders-in instead of the first ocean carrier estimate (in the example below, "Unknown" since we don't yet have any first ocean carrier estimate).


This is now fixed.


When navigating to the next container from the order details page, the map is now centered on the new ports 

On order details page, when you were navigating to the next container, the map keeps the same zoom/center settings as the previous container.

This is now fixed.

Insights features


Lane insight dashboard 

A new analytical dashboard has been released, to answer queries about the transit of containers across the sea.

For Shippers transport buyers

    • To keep an eye on service levels provided by the different carriers
    • Negotiations with ocean carriers
    • Booking the right service for a container (fastest, most reliable etc)

For Shippers: supply chain

    • S&OP - modelling of lead times & planning buffer stocks
    • To keep an eye out for large delays jeopardizing downstream operations (e.g. promotions, production lines)



A specific article about this feature will be available soon.

Bug fixes

Containers with the wrong status are now taken into account

Before: Current Status and Latest Milestone were not taking into account Vessel Arrive and Vessel Depart Milestones causing data to be outdated on the dashboards.

Now: All statuses are taken into account and the data is up to date in the dashboards.

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